From the President – 2021

Dear Friend of the Community Council for Medgar Evers College, Inc.

The Community Council for Medgar Evers College, Inc. (CCMEC) serves as an advisory body for the President and the College. We participate in the search, and the selection process for the President of the College, and provide support for the College’s programs and activities. Additionally, we promote and support community forums, lectures, conferences, and discussions concerning the educational programs of Medgar Evers College.

As a 501c3 New York-based nonprofit organization, CCMEC strives to help by providing financial support to students in need and has specifically focused our support on those who might be the first in their families to attend college. These determined students’ struggles are not typical in the whole scheme of things. Many of them are single parents who may be facing homelessness or other societal limitations.

Our involvement and connection with the students, indicates that they are focused on making a difference in the world.

Katie L. Davis, President

During Covid 19, we were still able to donate $10,000 to Medgar Evers College to provide computers for the incoming students. Without the benefit of our annual events, the funds used were directly from our treasury account which continues to dwindle. We hope that in 2022, normalcy will return, and we can resume our annual events or re-imagine the way they take place. 

Despite the ongoing pandemic, Medgar Evers College Students still need our help and your contribution today to the Community Council for Medgar Evers College, Inc. will help us to continue to support our students with scholarships, computers, ancillary equipment, and related services. Even though we have made great strides, the Community Council for Medgar Evers College, Inc. still has much to be accomplished to help our students achieve their academic goals.

Thank you for your contribution and until we meet again stay alert, healthy, and safe. 

Happy Holidays,
Katie L. Davis, President



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